This 16" Ventilation Fan along with this 32 foot Flexible Duct removes the odor and circulates fresh air into the draped work area.  The fan is placed in the work area with the duct attached, then the duct placed through a open window.  This draws the air from within the work area to the outside thus keeping your home odor free.

2 sets of 3 Commercial box fans  (6 total) are used to filter overspray paint and remove it from the workspace air.

​Filters on both sides of the fans trap paint particles and keep your house clean.  These are placed on either end of

the kitchen and are tall enough to catch "fog" particles when the upper cabinets are being sprayed.

Cabinet Refinishing / Painting

We apply all coatings by professional airless spray equipment to achieve a “brush stroke” free, factory finish. We provide high-quality results our customers have come to love!

When you hire us to paint your cabinets we will:

  • Drape your project area off using the revolutionary Zip-Wall System. We also mask to protect your floor, appliances, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, windows, doors, etc. (See pictures below)
  • We use (up to 6) 20”, high CFM commercial box fans (moving over 14,000 Cubic Feet per Minute), filtered on both sides to remove and trap airborne paint particles. 
  • We will draw and circulate the area air with a 16” commercial portable ventilation fan (over 2850 CFM) with ducting to help remove the odor outside and keep fresh air in your home. That equates to trapping paint particles in 3 seconds and exchanging the total working area's air in under 6 seconds!  

We've invested over $1300 to ensure your safety and keep you and your home protected. 

There are very few contractors that are as prepared to this level to insure your project is done as safe and odorless as possible.  We know there is no way to totally eliminate all odor but many customers report such a slight smell during the job that it is very livable.  That saves our customers the added expense of overnight stays in a hotel or the inconvenience of spending the night away from home.

You can be assured we know the products we’re using and the process needed for quality results.  We believe your peace of mind, lack of headaches, sleeping in your own bed, etc., is worth our extra expenditures.  We realize you’re going to be living with this paint job, seeing it every day, and that is why you’re  considering us instead of an inexperienced, under equipped contractor.  Why live with the constant reminder of a bad paint job? 


Normal Timeline:

  • Day 1:  Mask, Prep and sand/de-gloss cabinets

  • Day 2:  Undercoat/Prime (we use KILZ to seal stains & insure strong adhesion – needs 6 hrs. to dry)

  • Day 3:  Sand cabinets, vacuum, caulk joints, inspect job for final paint application

  • Day 4:  Paint with Kelly Moore top line professional oil based paint (needs 8 hrs. to dry)

  • Day 5:  Remove masking, pull off job


The old adage – “You get what you pay for” is certainly true.

 Cost is only an issue in the absence of value!

One of our Kitchen paint jobs.  Notice the plastic on the walls, ceiling and covering appliances.